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Writing Grafana Plugins

I wrote a few Grafana Panels a few years ago. Some of them are still used by the community. I do not use Grafana on a daily basis because lots of my databases are ElasticSearch based and thus I am mostly using the Kibana data explorer.

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NYX will turn your Kibana dashboards into powerful applications

This week we turned our NYX platform into an open source project.

It’s a platform based on Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL. It allows users to create nice dashboards in Kibana and share them via NYX to end users.

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A complete ELK dev env in a few minutes

I had to prepare an Elastic Search training that contains a theoretical and a hands on part. For the hands on part, we want the people to have locally on their laptops the following software:

  • An ElasticSearch node
  • Kibana to build dashboard
  • A Jupyter notebook in order to use Python to play with ElasticSearch
  • A Nodered instance in order to use JavaScript to play with ElasticSearch
  • A Grafana Instance

Thanks to docker¬†and docker-compose, all of these can be set in a few minutes. Continue reading “A complete ELK dev env in a few minutes”

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