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AWS Open Distro JDBC

Amazon distributes its own version of the ElasticSearch stack. To be honest from the Elastic Search point of view, I would consider this move as an act of war. However both sides have decent arguments, so I will only focus on what we get.

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Python Lambdas in AWS

Using python in amazon web service lambdas can be tricky in the following scenarios.

  • There are some dependencies that are not included in the aws python lambda executor
  • There are some dependencies that require binaries (Packages such as numpy, sklearn e.t.c.)

For the first topic it is still possible to develop on your laptop and to send the lambda via s3. For dependencies with binaries you have to work with a real ec2.

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Using AWS to build a personal VPN

Personal VPNs can be really useful in the following scenarios:

  • You want to secure your connection because you are using a free internet hotspot.
  • You want to access forbidden sites such as google from countries that block it.
  • You want to use a service that is not available in your country and that has an IP geo location filter

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Sending SMS using Amazon SNS via camel

The purpose of this snippet is to show how to create a route that sends SNS to amazon using Camel and how to configure amazon in order to send a SMS each time a SNS is received. Continue reading “Sending SMS using Amazon SNS via camel”

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