This week we turned our NYX platform into an open source project.

It’s a platform based on Elasticsearch and PostgreSQL. It allows users to create nice dashboards in Kibana and share them via NYX to end users.

NYX is not just about sharing your Kibana dashboards, it has many more functionalities like :

  • Privileges based access control
  • Reporting (Jasper, Python)
  • CRUD operations
  • Alerting

It’s based on several open source projects we love and we already discussed on this blog :

  • ActiveMQ (Broker)
  • Apache Camel (ETL)
  • Node RED (ETL for IoT)
  • Jupyter Notebook (Datascience)
  • Vega (Dashboarding)


We are currently building an AMI image in order to be tried on AWS. We’ll let you know when it will be available.

Don’t hesitate to visit the github page to try it :

Enjoy 😉