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October 2016

Deeper into Elasticsearch

Explore kopf a very useful elasticsearch plugin.

Learn how to organise your Data.

Indexing  Mapping  Teamplating

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Building an Elastic Search Infrastructure via Docker

Using docker to build a simple elastic search infrastructure.

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Linking Python And NodeJS via ActiveMQ in a Docker environment

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate how to dockerize a NodeJS and a Python application and how it is possible to make them talk together via a middleware like ActiveMQ.

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Sending SMS using Amazon SNS via camel

The purpose of this snippet is to show how to create a route that sends SNS to amazon using Camel and how to configure amazon in order to send a SMS each time a SNS is received. Continue reading “Sending SMS using Amazon SNS via camel”

Put your camel in a box

Where Camel meets Docker

Or how to deploy your java application inside a container.

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Riding the camel

Getting started with Apache Camel

A precious integration framework very helpful for ETL.
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Handling the legacy

Micro-servicing your application

How Docker will change the way you test and deploy your applications.

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